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Hello all,

Summer is ramping up and there are ways to stay engaged in reading that can be both fun and educational.  Taking trips to the library can be a really fun way to stay active.  Most of our local libraries are offering a summer reading challenge.  The librarians are ready to offer suggestions based on your child’s reading level and interest,  Check it out!  

Some schools offer a summer reading list to front load some texts that will be used in the coming school year. It is worth the phone call to your local school to check this out as well.



Bridget Swartzlander is a credentialed teacher in Colorado who has taught at Montessori for 21 years. Bridget holds a Master’s in Education Degree in Reading and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.

My fundamental premise is that we don’t need to wait for students to fail before implementing interventions that can be designed for your child’s specific needs. I work on supporting student success in phonemic awareness instruction, phonics instruction, fluency instruction, vocabulary instruction and comprehension; the ultimate goal of reading is comprehension.

The solution is not homework-focused, but rather a one-on-one instruction that is research and evidence based; a tutoring program that puts tools in your child’s toolbox for being able to decode, engage with the text and ultimately become a proficient reader and writer.

When you work with me, the program will be designed for your child and your child only. There are no “cookie cutter” solutions, but rather effective methods of phonics instruction suited to your child’s particular learning style; a tailored and outlined program for your student only.

You will receive detailed notes on the sessions and progress monitoring reports as well. Changes and alternations to their learning plan will be discussed before being implemented and will be made to ensure optimum results.

Contact Bridget to schedule a reading assessment for your child today.