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I offer one-on-one, on-site tutoring with your student and am able to tailor a learning plan to support their specific needs.

Whether at your home, a hospital or another location, I have the ability to travel to you and your child in order to keep your child on track with their reading support and literacy goals.

If your child is suffering from sickness, injury or unable to attend regular schooling for a period of time, they should not also have to suffer a loss of education.


  • Summer sessions for those students needing remediation.
  • Support classroom assignments, and reviewing homework assignments to increase reading vocabulary.
  • Support student in gaining grade level proficiency, at least 1 to 2 grade levels.
  • Improve reading comprehension to support test taking strategies; improve high frequency word proficiency.

Value of One-on-one Tutoring for the Student:

  • Student is treated as an individual, and is able to stop and ask questions along the way without fear of negative peer observation.
  • The student is focused and the instruction is concentrated.
  • The student’s curriculum is tailored for his/her particular area of need.
  • The student is afforded time for in-depth study that will foster a love of learning.
  • The student’s curriculum is synchronized with his/her school assignments.
  • The student’s self-confidence will increase with appropriate praise and encouragement that only the one on one setting can provide.
  • Strategies can be implemented to optimize the students’ strengths.
  • De-briefings with parents are done immediately with goals and expectations outlined.

Benefits to Tutor:

  • I am able to do “retention checks”.  These checks for understanding are done quickly and efficiently in the one-on-one session.
  • I am able to build on student strengths, find the students’ interest and allow the student time for in-depth study.
  • I am able to “tailor” a reading program to further support the student.
  • When possible, I am  able to work with the classroom teacher to support RtI, and other District criteria that will further support the student.

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$70.00/ 1 hour session

$120.00/ 2 hour session